Why college students prefer to work in the startup industry

Today the startup industry has become more relevant than ever. Where years ago it was the norm to go to school, get your degree, graduate and begin wearing a suit and working a 9-5 for a corporate gig, today a large percentage of college students want to work for startup’s when they graduate. Why is this?

Well the first reason is today in 2016, with technology at the forefront of nearly everybody’s day, college students are inspired about being a part of something that they get, something they use, something that can make a difference. With a technology being so easy to follow different industries, influencers and thought leaders, almost everyone is exposed to the life of a startup community.

The dress code is relaxed , the environment is friendly and most of the time the business is based around something that people in their 20s understand more than the older demographic. College students today want to be able to contribute to their job after college and not feel like they are a needle in a haystack working at an enormous company where it may take 20 years to work your way up and become noticed. While startup’s usually have some of the hardest workers in the workforce, it’s an environment and culture that is changing the way college students think about their future and career path.

Social Media Company, Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis says ” At Brabble I try to create an environment for my team that is laid back, yet focused on teamwork and results. I want my team coming to work loving their job, as long as we are working together and hitting goals everybody wins as a team. ”

Today with headlines all over the Internet and social media it’s hard not to get inspired by such amazing companies that are going public and getting acquired lead by the youth of society today. “From Instagram, to Whatsapp going for sale prices in the billions, and companies like Facebook and Linkedin with monstrous multi billion dollar valuations , I would say this should motivate just about every college student out there today to want to be part of a startup company”, Said Pat Mackaronis.