The most important factors to a successful startup company

There are many factors today that impact the success and potential of a startup company. Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis says, ” The factors that contribute to the success of the company are what you must focus on everyday. Identify these and support them with all your focus, and you will be successful.”

1. Team. Without the correct team from Management all the way down to the lowest entry level job on the corporate ladder, the company is only as strong as its weakest link. You must work as a team to make progress.

2. Funding. Whether your company is revenue generating or pre-revenue you must have ample funding in order to hit your goals and stay afloat.

3. Business Plan. You must be able to adhere to an organized business plan that makes sense and is realistic to the environment around you.

4. Product. Your product must make a difference. It must stand out. It must be sellable.

5. Vision. A company with the wrong corporate vision is like leading the bling. Make sure you have experienced people guiding you through the rough times and advising you through the good ones as well.

Why social media needs to constantly evolve

The best place to analyze changing times, styles, and keeping up with the latest trends is by watching teenagers. They are a massive cult that is consistently showing the rest of the world what is new, what is hot and what the kids want. Weather it’s fashion, music or even social media, the kids are what make the trends come and go.

If you watch the way a freshman in high school dresses, talks and acts and the you lol at that same student as a senior, your going to notice a lot of differences. The clothing they wear will be different , the music they listen to has changed and the way they act and what their interests are are completely new and different.

Well social media like all other trends changes too. It must evolve constantly in order to stay current. You can’t expect an app to start out one way and stay that way for ever, the same way you won’t see a 13 year old be the same when they are 18. This is why Brabble has created a universal social media communications platform that has something for everyone with no limitations on how it is utilized.

Brabble offers full communication

Brabble offers full communication. Video, audio , picture and text. You also can select who you post to with the selective sharing feature. “Brabble has everything that you will find on a series of other networks except on brabble all the best features of these other apps are combined under one roof” said Brabble Founder & CEO, Pat Mackaronis.

Brabble is definitely the latest trend in social media that has plans for a very strong future as they grown their user base and community. The whole point of Brabble when being built, was to give he users exactly what they want with no limitations or restrictions. Brabble solves many complaints and problems that exist on other social networks allowing people to feel comfortable and have a fun time interacting within the Brabble community.

Why I am addicted to brabble social media app

Today there is an enormous selection of mobile applications for people to choose from. Some prefer gaming apps like candy crush to keep them busy throughout the day, others constantly scroll through social apps and like to see what their network is up to on an hourly basis.

But the real trick to having a mobile application that keeps your audience have hooked, comes down to one word. Engagement.

This is what the brabble team has focused on since day one. How to keep our users engaged constantly and coming back for more. Brabble not only allows users to post Audio Clips , Videos, Pictures & Text while having he ability to buy and sell goods and services with the soon to be unveiled revenue model called *Star Tags, but there is an even more fun feature on the app that is also patent pending currently called the “Brabbleback” feature.

Brabbleback on brabble

Q: So what is a Brabbleback? Why are so many people “Brabbling back” on brabble?

A: “The Brabbleback feature allows users to reply back to a post weather it’s another users posts or their own, via Audio & Video clips, as well as with picture and text. What this does is completely transforms the social platform from its normal environment of people posting and others staring at their content , by engaging the community and showing them that it’s not all just about the post, but more importantly the two ones to a post and the conversations or brabblebacks that develop from the community underneath a post”, said Brabble Founder & CEO , Pat Mackaronis.

Brabble by definition means to discuss, argue or debate. So the whole primes of the app is to allow users to openly communicate in any way possible via Audio, Video, Picture and Text. Especially when it corks to reactions to a post and letting the community stay totally engaged and brabble back with these same features.