Greasemonkey is the Answer to Facebook Invite Dilemma and More

Since Facebook now has over 400 million members worldwide, it has been proven a successful modern-day platform for marketing products, services, events, games, causes, politicians, bands, and anything and everything under the sun. Many who use Facebook to promote their groups, apps and fan pages have shown an utter frustration in inviting friends to join their networks due to the lack of ease in the process of inviting.

Automatically Invite and Build Networks on Facebook with Fast & Easy Script Installation

Now, a company called Greasemonkey has created apps that will save time and effort in the tedious process of having to invite people manually, one by one, plus numerous other downloadable scripts that will ease and enhance the total Facebook experience.

  1. First, update all out-dated system drivers at :
  2. Install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox Only works with Firefox browser – there are other scripts for Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer, however, these have not been perfected and contain many glitches.
  3. Now, restart your computer.
  4. Log back in and go to to install the “friend-add script” and a Greasemonkey icon will appear at the bottom right of your screen. Right click the icon (or go to the tools menu and click Greasemonkey) and make sure that “enabled” is checked and proceed to “manage user” scripts.
  5. Highlight “facebook invites” and add it to the app form.
  6. Go to Facebook account and try it out. A box will appear each time there is a need to invite people to join a group, page, app, event, etc. There are many options in the pop-up box that appears. Options to “select all” “deselect” “only include recently added friends” “only friends using the app” as well as other convenient functions are available. Inviting “all friends” has never been easier and only takes seconds rather than many minutes to an hour the old way depending on how many people are in the list.
  7. Repeat this process for a host of other scripts to improve Facebook use.

Innovative Greasemonkey Add-ons to Save Time & Enhance the Facebook Experience

Now there is a convenient way to use Facebook more efficiently without having to deal with all the stumbling blocks of the notorious, “non-user friendly” platform. This “friend invite” script can be a social media marketer’s dream as it will save much time in spreading the message to targeted individuals.

There are also numerous other Greasemonkey scripts available. The purpose of installing some of these extra scripts is to help boost the personal/business collaborative practice with Facebook. With these scripts, one can add great features on Facebook that are not made available by Facebook. The following add-ons give choice and flexibility and have proven successful and popular with users. There are hundreds of others to fit personal style and needs.

  • Facebook Purity – gets rid of all the annoying application notifications that flood the facebok wall. This app disables these pesky clutter invaders from displaying on the wall forever. Original Facebook apps such as: status updates, wall posts, links, notes, photos, videos will stil appear.
  • Facebook Fixer – This provides many features which include bigger profile pictures and photos, easier viewing of albums, links to download videos, google calendar integration and keyboard shortcuts just to name a few.
  • Un “bad F word” Facebook – Despite its title, this app is one of the best as it is a clutter buster. It allows users to remove Facebook ads, make home page into two columns, hide app & fan stories on profiles, remove rounded thumbnails, block invites from apps, fan groups and events. Furthermore, expansion of the width of walls on profiles and direct share links can be applied with this script.
  • Auto-Colorizer for Facebook – This cool script changes the color scheme of any page to fit the default photo for a particular profile.

The days of mundane facebook encounters are over with a modern-day Greasemonkey to the rescue. Dirty hands are a thing of the past with this easy to use service. In a few a few quick steps, Facebook users can now save time, be more productive, increase efficiency, personalize settings and have an overall positive Facebook experience rather than a chore to battle each day.