Google+ And Facebook: What’s The Difference?

The following is a post by Patrick Mackaronis.

What are some Facebook and Google comparisons?

Like or not, Facebook and Google are both household names. Even if you don’t use one or the other or neither, they are a large part of our everyday world that you have to, at least, admit exist. Google has made several attempts to clone Facebook and failed miserably. They have now come up with a re-tooled Google-designed version of Facebook. Kinda. Sorta. Yes, it’s true that Google+ most certainly is a social networking site, but don’t dismiss it as just a Facebook clone. This time, there’s more.

Google+ works in combination with a number of Google’s other services and are in effect all joined with your own Google account. Let’s say you are on Google’s home page, up on the top right of the Google bar, you will see your Google+ profile info and link to your account, the notification indicator and a Share button. This way you can stay connected even if you aren’t on the Google+ site.

What are the new Google+ features?

There are a few features that are totally new and different from Facebook. Circles, Sparks and Hangouts are only some of the ways you can enjoy a social networking platform with some customization.

Some of the other features that are unlike Facebook are how you connect with friends. You invite friends and they accept. But, you can use the Circles feature, which permits you to customize and sort your friend’s list. This customization is a great feature in that you can share with friends something you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to see. Or, vice versa. If you want to say something sappy sweet to mom and grandma, your college fraternity brothers will never know.

Sparks is designed as an online sharing engine. You add interests and an assortment of related content to your profile, which can include videos, and they will be delivered to you. This feature makes this content easy to share with your circle of friends. And, by the way, the feed is available in over 40 languages.

A feature called Hangouts is not what you expect. You’re probably thinking Hangout will allow you to schedule a meeting, get together locations or geolocate your friends or circles for hanging out. Not with Google+. Instead it’s a live multi-person video chat so you can virtually hangout. You simply set yourself to available. Friends in your circle can then join the video chat and hangout. Google+ has yet to set a limit to your hangouts, so yes, you can have multiple friends, although at this point there is no clear limit as to how many.

How can I get Google+?

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011. Only certain individuals were chosen to test and those individuals have invited others – which is how I got a preview. The software is still in the beta stage and Google is working on any bugs the test group find.

Word is, Google is planning on introducing the platform on or before July 31. Customization features, video chat capability with no add-on and being able to surf the internet while still being “connected” are only some major plus signs for Google+.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.