Track Santa Claus: Let Your Kids Talk to Santa on Twitter

It was only a matter of time when Santa decided to hit Twitter. Twitter is the social networking site for anyone who wants instant information on current status, so why wouldn’t Santa Claus take advantage of one of the most popular websites online?

Twenty years ago, kids stayed up late at night baking cookies and leaving milk and cookies for St. Nicholas. Now, the Internet brings a new era of Santa Claus interaction. NORAD now offers Santa Claus updates on Twitter. As Santa Claus travels around the world on Christmas Eve, his location and status are reported on Twitter. This is a fun tool for kids to interact with Santa while curling up with a laptop in bed.

NORAD Santa Claus on Twitter

Several Twitter Santa Claus accounts exist. The official Twitter Santa Claus account for NORAD is @noradsanta. The account is not very active throughout the year, but after December 1st, activity on the account increases. NORAD Santa also has a Facebook page. Kids can post on the wall and watch Santa from both accounts.

Chatting with Santa on Twitter

Want to chat with Santa all year? @santaclaus also offers direct contact with old St. Nick. Kids can talk to Santa to tell them how good they have been all year. They can ask for presents, wishes and other Christmas cheer from the old man in red. The account also keeps kids up-to-date in toys and other Christmas wishes for the year. Instead of sitting on Santa’s lap in the mall, kids can ask for gifts on Twitter. This is also more affordable and convenient for parents.

Chat with an Adult Santa during Christmas

Even adults need playtime, and @loadedsanta offers some laughs during the Christmas holiday. Loaded Santa is the antithesis of the child-like Santa, and it offers adults a laugh during the holidays or during Christmas parties.

Adults are able to chat with a Santa Claus with stress, work, and even find out how frustrated he is while traveling around the world delivering presents. Loaded Santa offers adults an alternative to the cheery, happy Santa with a more cynical display of Santa’s mood during Christmas Eve while traveling around the world delivering gifts.

These Santa Twitter accounts are fun for kids and adults who are looking for a way to chat with Santa during Christmas. These accounts are active during December, but some are active into January and after the holidays.