Twitter No-No’s: Ten Things To Avoid Doing

The following is a post on ten Twitter no-no’s written by Brabble CEO and FounderĀ Patrick Mackaronis.

Twitter can either be a powerful marketing tool, or a waste of time, depending on how you use it.

Instead of going over the benefits of Twitter as a marketing tool (which will be in another article), this will explain 10 things you should never do on Twitter.

  1. Market yourself too much

If all you do is market your own work, people will get tired of you real quick. Twitter is a community, so you need to be sharing other people’s work as well. Plus, retweeting is a great way to get noticed.

  1. Post just a single link

If you post just a link without any description around it, it means absolutely nothing to us. Say something clever in front of the link to entice people to click.

  1. Post the sample link/phrase over and over and over again

If all you do is post your website or phrase tweet after tweet, you’re going to lose followers real quick. Twitter may be a great way to market yourself, but if this is the method you choose, you better be prepared for no followers.

  1. Complain

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody likes a negative nancy. People aren’t going to be able to take that for very long. People want to follow upbeat individuals who have something of relevance to say.

  1. Never follow anyone

Unless you’re a celebrity, at first you’ll need to follow everyone that follows you. It’s not only common courtesy, but you’re showing that you care about what they have to say.

  1. Never provide an image

If you never upload a picture, it will be highly unlikely that you’ll get many followers. People like to know that there’s a real person behind the tweets.

  1. Never provide a description

If there’s nothing in your description box then there’s nothing telling people why they should follow you. What makes you awesome? That’s what should go in your description box.

  1. Praise how awesome you are

If all you do is praise how great you are at whatever you do, you’re going to lose followers quickly. We want interaction and we want to be noticed just as much as you do.

  1. Never interact with others

If you never retweet, @ or interact with anyone in general, your authority on Twitter will dwindle. As stated above, people want to be heard and noticed just as much as you do.

  1. Be following 1,000s of more people than are following you

If you’re follow a ton more people than are following you, it looks bad. Don’t follow more than 30 people than are following you. Even 30 is pushing it, but I realize we all need to start somewhere.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

Online Publishing and Twitter

Just as some blogs have generated enough interest to bring major publishers around with offers of book deals, Twitter users now also have the same potential. Twitter users like Justin Halpern have turned their Twitter popularity into print book success. The book Sh*t My Dad Says, based on the Twitter account of the same name, is in Amazon’s top 10 best-selling books, as of today.

Online Publishing With Twitter

Some writers may use their Twitter feeds as a way of attracting attention for online fiction, such as full novels. There are several Twitter novels that have been published online through the site. These novels are broken into 140-character increments like all Twitter communications.

The small nature of each Twitter post and the chronological order of each post, with the newest post at the top, make creating and reading a Twitter novel difficult. Once the novel has been completed through Twitter, the reader must read it backward from the very beginning, scrolling through page after page of posts to find the beginning.

Because of some of these logistical constraints, and because of the lack of big-name authors in the Twitter novel game, novels that are first published through Twitter have not yet found any success. However, the popularity of Halpern’s Sh*t My Dad Says Twitter feed and book may spur on more creative Twitter feeds that seek attention from the publishing world. Some of these may eventually result in a Twitter novel that finds a following.

Writers Self Publish Twitter Fiction

Some of the Twitter novels that have been first published through the micro-blogging site have been recreated as self-published print books. None of these have found much popularity or popularized the idea of a micro-serialized novel. It will likely take a popular writer with a well-established readership to create public interest in Twitter novels, short stories or other fiction serialized through the site.

Through Twitter isn’t the perfect platform for a novel, it is simple to use and costs nothing. It is a good platform for some writers to self publish their novels or to start non-fiction posts that grab attention and lead to print book offers. It’s also an effective online marketing platform that can broaden a writer’s readership. And for creative people who aren’t after print book deals, it’s an opportunity to self publish immediately and to gain an audience for the work. They can get published anytime they choose and wait for a following.

Motivating a Team in a Startup

Today working for a startup can be very stressful but can also be very self rewarding at the end of the day. Startup’s seem to have more of a significant effect than working for a regular company as they are more stressful and more rewarding as well.

Things seem more dramatic and serious because the team is smaller and resources are lighter. However a win is 10 times more powerful and the success and sense of accomplishment goes far deeper as you hit these goals with a smaller team and primarily off everyones contributions and dedication to the project.

As a Founder , CEO or managerial figure of a startup you must motivate your team. It’s critical that you lead by example and that you never dictate orders constantly as a Boss, but as a leader. CEO of Brabble, Patrick Mackaronis says, “When trying to execute on any type of campaign within the company , I always try to have a hands on meeting out of the gate. I explain what the goal of the plan is and walk everybody through the process in my mind. I explain what I think everybody can do to co tribute and I show examples of what role I will play to support each of them. I do this with excitement and energy to uplift the team and get everyone thinking of ways to help. It shows everyone the direction we must go to win as a team”.

Being a “boss” is the wrong term in this day and age. “A Boss is “bossy”, a leader is part of the team”, said Patrick Mackaronis. The most beneficial thing that a member of a team or startup can take away from directions of their superior, is that the leader is on the same team with them. A leader is just as vested into the project as all team members are and that the leader cares about everyone having the support and tools necessary to help them achieve their individual goals which ultimately help the team win.

Motivation is key for startup’s. Energy and positivity must exist. A true leader will motivate their team unintentionally as they always will be working hard and giving off the appropriate positive energy that must exist to win. Always remember to be a an effective boss, you must be a team member and leader first.