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Twitter with Customers: Make Each Tweet Count

The following is a post by Patrick Mackaronis.

Twitter has taken over the social networking arena. Tweet or die has become the new sales and promotional mantra.

One of the big questions in marketing and public relations is how to use Twitter to its fullest while garnering the biggest benefits. One technique is to keep Twitter tweets value added, to the point, and forget about letting followers know every last detail of the day. Make tweets count.

Twitter’s Value Added Tweets

Make it worth the follower’s time to read the posts. The following items can help add value to Twitter communications:

  • Provide bits of research
  • Ask a compelling question that others can post answers for.
  • When others post questions, try to find the answers and become the go to Twitter person.
  • Always focus on posts that can benefit the readers.

Tweet Meaningful Events

When communicating for public relations or marketing purposes, followers do not want to know every detail of the messenger’s day. They don’t care about what they had for lunch (unless it was a great money saving special) or that their office just got painted.

Tweet about attending conferences, learning new skills, finding a great new book, or meeting a new customer that may be of interest to followers.

Avoid asking followers “What are you doing?” Instead tweet about just reading a helpful and informative article online.

Make Tweets Count

When Twitter first entered the social media arena, followers loved all of the small details of everyone’s life. As Twitter matures, people are becoming less and less enthralled about such time wasting details.

Mixing the new media with the traditional media has created an overload for many business professionals. It is tough to keep up with all of the social media options and continue to follow print, radio, and television. While Twitter continues to be all the rage, it is also beginning to become one of the most valuable ways to connect with customers.

As such, users need to make each and every tweet count. With the message at only 140 characters, the writing has to be tight and to the point. Tweets have to also be relevant, viable, and meaningful to followers.

For example, for those in the health care field, tweeting news about the progression of the proposed health care bill would be relevant and meaningful if followers are also in the health care field. For those in working to make the world a greener place, tweeting about new green initiatives, products, articles, books, or how a company is contributing to improving the environment would be viable.

Tweaking Tweets

Keep tweets short and simple. Think about a tweet before sending. Will followers appreciate the information or will be challenged by a question or if and how they will benefit from the tweet? If so, tweet it to the world.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

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