Myspace Mobsters Secrets: Mission Mastery Rewards

Different missions are unlocked as players progressively level up through the game. There is a wide variety of missions and some have to be performed in order to obtain items that meet requirements for other missions.

Each mission has four different Mastery levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Reaching each level of Mastery rewards an item, some are quite valuable and others leave players wondering why they wasted their time and energy. The rewards listed below are Platinum level Mission Mastery Rewards.

Da Bronx Missions

The most rewarding Mission Mastery in Da Bronx is the Raid National Guard Armory mission. The Platinum reward is an Experimental Rhino Tank.

Although it sounds silly, the Expresso Maker that is received from the Residential Burglary mission is one of the first things players need to acquire because it speeds up the Energy regeneration by 5 percent.

Other notable missions in Da Bronx include: Mob War that rewards 1 Battle Hardened Capo and Grand Theft Auto which results in 1 Perimeter Watchman.

Downtown Missions

The mission with the highest energy requirement of the Downtown Missions, Elect Capo to Mayor’s Office, rewards a Mayor’s Private Jet. The Federal Gold Reserve Heist rewards 2 Crooked Accountants, while the Bank Robbery Mission rewards 1 Crooked Accountant.

The Infiltrate a Hospital and Loot a Weapons Cache Missions both reward a Perimeter Watchman. Infiltrate the Police Department Mission rewards a Crooked Cop. The Negotiate a City Sanitation Contract rewards a Garbage Truck.

Jersey Missions

The rewards for the Jersey Missions are not spectacular when compared to some of the other Mission Mastery rewards. However, the most useful reward is the Swiss Bank Account rewarded by the Credit Card Fraud mission because it increases the frequency of the cash flow payout by 10 percent.

  • Sell Counterfit Rolexes – 3 Crooked Accountants
  • Infiltrate a Rival Mob – 2 Battle Hardened Capo’s
  • Engineer a Prison Breakout – 2 Banditos
  • Pimp My Ride – 1 Pagani Zonda F
  • Credit Card Fraud – 1 Swiss Bank Account

Outta Town Missions

The Revolution in Central America Mission and Raid Lockheed Research Missions are unique in that they both reward valuable items for both Gold and Platinum level Mastery.

A Presidente’s Pleasure Yacht is the Gold level reward and a Generalissimo is the Platinum reward for the Central America Mission. An Experimental Exoskeleton and 2 Drug Lords are the Gold and Platinum level rewards for the Raid Lockheed Research Mission.

  • Take Over a Former Soviet Republic – 1 Former KGB Director
  • Reality Speculation – 2 Crooked Cops
  • Take Over a Catskill Resort – 1 Saratoga Springs Spa
  • Locate a Foreign Safehouse – 1 Bandito
  • Unregistered Weapons Procurement – 1 Winchester ‘94

The other Mission Mastery rewards for Missions not listed here reward either Cash, Skill Points, Favor Points, items already attainable, or hired guns. Hired guns increase player’s mob size allowing them to fight with more mobsters. If enough Favor points are accumulated, players can use them to purchase special limited edition items that regularly become available.

As most missions in the game require large amounts of energy, knowing what each mission rewards will allow players to distribute the energy they attain in the best way possible. Energy is very hard to come by in the game; the best way to acquire it for missions is to take advantage of the Top Mob Energy Feature.

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