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Farmville Progression: Quickly Advancing Experience

The following is a post by Patrick Mackaronis.

Many people play Farmville regularly; in fact it is highly addictive. The main aim is to move up through the levels so that more items can be bought for the player’s farm, and this must be done by gaining Experience Points (XP). Here are some hints on how to gain XP quickly and achieve higher levels.

Farmville Progression: Work Out Which Plants to Plow and Seed

XP are mainly gained for plowing and planting seeds. Different seeds have different XP, and grow at different rates. If the player has plenty of time, the best plants to grow are strawberries, and they can be harvested every four hours, with XP gained every time plowing and seeding is done. Raspberries only take two hours to grow, but beware – they do not give any XP!

Those players who have money to spare can gain XP fast by purchasing seeds, then deleting the seeded fields, re-plowing and seeding all over again. This will cost a lot of ‘coins’. It will also enable the player to gain a great deal of experience points quickly and move on up through the levels. The best plants to grow for this purpose are soybeans. They only cost 15 coins each, but offer 2 XP.

Farmville Progression: Buy Large Items Such as Farm Buildings

All items bought on Farmville qualify for extra XP. If the player has extra money, it’s worth working out the best items to buy. This is often farm buildings – even if they are sold back later on.

Farmville Progression: Win as Many Farmville Ribbons as Possible

Farmville offers ribbons when different tasks are completed, and winning these ribbons means the player gains more coins and XP. So it is worth clicking on animals and trees when they are highlighted. They may not give a huge number of coins, but hey do enable the player to gain more ribbons and therefore more experience points.

Farmville Progression: Visit Neighbors and Help on Their Farms

Farmville offers coins and XP if they player helps on a neighbor’s farm…but only once a day. However, this means it is worth inviting friends to play, and having as many neighbors as possible. At the time of writing, however, there was a minor ‘bug’ in the system which is quite useful. This means that it is possible to click on a neighbor’s icon, then click on it quickly again before their farm downloads. If the player is quick they can do this several times. They can then help out several times on that farm, winning a large number of XP. If the player has several friends, and does this consistently, a large number of experience points can be gained in this way. However, who knows how long this will be possible!

Playing Farmville and moving up through its levels in this way can be very exciting, and also relaxing after a hard day. However, be warmed – the game is very addictive!

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

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