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Facebook Enjoyment: Five Things People Like Most

The following is a post by Patrick Mackaronis.

A short while ago, adults on Facebook were not as common as they are today. Many parents of pre-teens signed up for a Facebook account to keep an eye on what their kids were doing.

Ask any adult what they do on Facebook. Checking up on their kids will be last on the list in most cases. Ask any teenager on Facebook if one or both of their parents have a Facebook account. You’ll be able to tell the answer by the look on their face.

Facebook allows people to communicate with one another in real time, and it allows everyone to let the Facebook world, or just their friends, know how they feel about any given subject. You can upload and share photos with others, and it has one other nifty feature; games you can play alone or with other Facebook users.

Here are five things that cause the most Facebook enjoyment for users:

Facebook Enjoyment: Five Things People Like Most

  • Playing Farmville

When most people accepted their Facebook friend’s invitation to be their neighbor on Farmville, they intended it to be a kind gesture. That gesture turned out for most to be fun and entertaining. For some, it turned into an obsession that no one would admit to having.

  • Cafe World, Mafia Wars, Slots, Poker, and other games

For the same reasons, depending on your likes and interests, these games are what most adults are doing on Facebook lately. Whether you prefer cooking, getting the bad guys, or winning tons of play money, there is a game on Facebook to suit everyone. Most of these, however, have not reached the heights of the Farmville Fever.

  • Reconnecting with old friends and classmates

Sadly, as much as we would all like to, we lose touch with good friends from our childhood. People move away, get married, and start families. The chances are good that you can find anyone you ever knew, on Facebook. You get to reminisce about the old days, catch up on what ever happened to this one or that one, and behave as though you never left the neighborhood where you grew up.

  • Keep up with family news as it happens

Entire families are on Facebook now, including in-laws, cousins, and immediate family members. If a school age student wants to share the A they just got on a test, or tell the Facebook world about the home run they scored in a little league game, everyone finds out about it immediately, all at once. The whole family also hears about promotions, raises, and unfortunately, with the sign of the times, the loss of a job. Facebook enjoyment via Facebook friends and family are there to cheer or console.

  • Preventing worlds from colliding

If anyone remembers when the character, George on Seinfeld, worried about his fiancé hanging around with his best friends, saying that “worlds would collide”, can understand this one.

We are different people to our closest family members, than we are with our friends, coworkers, or old friends. Religion, politics, childrearing ideas, and even our views on issues such as global warming or the Arizona Immigration Bill, can cause problems if we share them publicly with a large group of people that we know personally. Discussing these subjects on other social networking sites, forums, or message boards, is different, because if we disagree with people we do not know, it is not a big deal.

Arguing about social or culturally issues with family out there for all the world of Facebook friends to see, can ignite an old argument, and cause a family feud.

Whatever you enjoy doing on Facebook, we have to admit that Mark Zuckerberg really started something amazing. It is something most of us hope will never go away.

Patrick Mackaronis, the CEO and Founder of Brabble, can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

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