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Facebook Advertising for Internet Marketing Campaigns

The following is a post on utilizing Facebook advertising for internet marketing campaigns by Patrick Mackaronis.

When it comes to talks about advertising online, Facebook is growing in popularity. With the 400 million active users typically on the social networking website for almost an hour per day, it’s no wonder why so many online advertisers are beginning to use it as part of their internet marketing campaigns.

The Process of Creating Facebook Advertisements

Among the most appealing features of Facebook advertising is its ad-creation platform. Using the interface, online advertisers can create Facebook ads as easily as they would submit any other type of content (links, wall posts, status updates, or images) on this social networking website. They also have the option to link to an external website or a page they have created on Facebook.

Because of this simple platform, all there is to designing a Facebook advertisement is a link, a title with a maximum of 25 characters, an advertising copy composed of 135 characters, and an image. There’s no need to worry about design concepts or layouts. There’s also no need for skills on Photoshop or similar image editing software.

Once the advertisement has been designed, Facebook advertisers just need to specify their target audience. Facebook allows them to do so through both demographics and psychographics. Then, advertisers specify a daily budget, an ad schedule, and a maximum bid (per click or per 1,000 impressions). After that, advertisers need only to review entries and submit.

The Facebook Advertising Team’s Review Process

Upon submission of the ad creation form, it is added to the queue of advertisements that the Facebook team needs to review. Basically, they approve and reject ads depending on whether or not they meet the social networking website’s content guidelines. If an ad is approved, it is run according to the specified schedule. If it is rejected, the advertisers have the option to revise their entries and try submitting again.

It is worth noting that Facebook is incredibly hard to deal with for advertising inquiries, and have a tendency to ban accounts without warning. Online marketers advertising offers that fall outside the terms of service are destined for a headache by using Facebook’s advertising platform. Nevertheless, there are practices that make it easier to get approval for Facebook advertisements.

Although there are downsides to Facebook advertising, they are almost negligible to online marketers running legitimate campaigns and promoting ethical online businesses. What’s important to consider is that this social networking website offers a legitimate platform for reaching a massive number of users around the world in a simple yet effective manner.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

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