Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures

Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures

The following is a post on the Facebook game Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures by Brabble CEO and Founder Patrick Mackaronis.

Wizard of the Coast’s role-playing game application Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures for Facebook allows players the ability to D&D adventure without requiring any bit of effort whatsoever. The player chooses a character, equips armor and weapons, purchases items at a shop, and partakes in adventures. The game basically plays itself, as a simple die-roll added to the character’s attributes determines success upon various encounters.

Despite its simplicity, or very likely because of it, Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures offers months of entertainment with very little time investment required.

Below is a list of various unlockables achieved through generations. The generation level increases every time a hero retires at Lv 11.

List of Generation Unlocks / Bonuses in Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures

Generation Unlock (1): Pass down one item to the next hero. This simply means the player can choose any one piece of equipment to pass down to the next generation hero. Items that sell for more money are more rare and typically better items to pass down. Extremely rare items like the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd offer great bonuses for a new hero. Always make sure the item can be used by the next hero’s desired class.

Generation Unlock (2): Expanded selection at The Shop. This one is fairly self-explanatory. More selection at the store makes it more likely to find good items to equip for the hero to raise the hero’s encounter success rate.

Generation Unlock (3): Basic class power is unlocked. The class power, or class ability, is a move unique to each class, used similarly to potions by clicking on the icon. The Fighter can use “Unstoppable” to gain +2 Strength and some damage reduction for a few rounds, the Wizard can use “Magic Missile” to gain +5 attack for three rounds, etc.

Generation Unlock (4): A new hero mode is available: ironman mode. Ironman mode is the same as playing the game normally, except that if the hero dies in the adventure, the hero is dead permanantly and the player must create a new hero. The only real benefit to playing ironman mode is to be ranked on a different set of leaderboards, and to simply increase the difficulty of the game, if desired.

Generation Unlock (5): New class available: Swordmage. The Swordmage is a unique character class that uses Intelligence as the primary stat, but uses swords and daggers and dual-weilding for weapons. The Swordmage’s first class ability forces one encounter to roll 10, allowing crafty players to plan a gaurenteed success on the final encounter. Swordmage is actually one of the better classes, and the male version has the best portrait, hands-down (see the pictures below).

Generation Unlock (7): Pass along one quarter of your final gold to the next hero. Again, a somewhat self-explanatory perk. If nothing good can be found in the shop, simply save the money to pass down to the next hero.

Generation Unlock (10): Advanced class power is unlocked. The second class power for all classes is unlocked. Class powers vary significantly by usefulness.

Generation Unlock (12): New hero mode available: elite mode! Elite mode is the same as Ironman mode, which means if you’re dead, you’re dead, but elite mode adds an added -2 challange. This effectively makes all encounters a +2 difficulty on top of the threat of permanent death. Once again, the only added benefit is scoring on a different set of leaderboards. Ironman and Elite modes also keep the game entertaining after all other generation bonuses have been unlocked.

Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures Generation Unlocks Conclusion

It may seem as though it’s taking forever to unlock all the bonuses through increased generations. Don’t worry about it; Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures is a Facebook RPG with a relaxed, slow pace, and should be played as such. Think of the unlocks more as bonuses attained for playing, as opposed to goals to achieve, to keep the pace relaxed and enjoyable.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of Brabble, and can be reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

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