The Key Tips to Staying Motivated While Working for a Startup

The startup industry today is an increasingly growing scene that is beyond just a company, a brand or a product – it’s become a new way of life that is extremely attractive to work in and join, especially with the youth and college graduates.

Beyond this experienced executives are now leaving high paying salaries with stable companies to join startup companies at an increasingly high rate as well that is also on the rise. But why leave a stable job that has security and a steady paycheck in it, to join a group of younger, less experienced people, on an environment that is full of insecurity, not stable and paychecks come and go in phases especially in the early stages of the company?  Further how do you stay motivated as an employee in order to stay focused and truly grow with the startup company when the environment can feel like a roller coaster at times?

1- Startup’s are an experience that most people don’t ever get to participate in throughout their lives. There is action, fast paced growth and all types of personalities, people and events daily. The trick is to take it all in. Learn how to really get to know your team. Work with them. Learn from them. Help them hit goals. Leave any feelings of jealousy, internal competitiveness, or negativity at the door of a startup. Those characteristics do not make for lasting roles in these environments. You must be positive and work hard to enjoy the experience and if you want to grow. You will soon feel like part of the team and a true feeling of self worth. You will become accepted and valued more in a startup as a team member from hard work and dedication than you will in any other business model.

2- Many times employees want to jump around, offer advice and input in other people’s areas of the company, or even take on too many jobs by them self. This is not rocket science. You will indefinitely spread yourself too thin. Focus on your area. Become amazing at what you were hired to do. Make your work awesome. Make your campaigns stick out get noticed by results. Learn how to pass off work to others when applicable. Delicate if your able to do so. Get your area to shine bright and stick out to all in the company. Too many jobs and doing things all by yourself will ultimately lead to not feeling like you ever get things done. A feeling of stress will take over when you’ve nothing to stress about other than doing things your not supposed to be doing to begin with.

3- Last but not least. Take your job seriously and give it your all. We all know it, there are many jobs out there that we have all either done or know people who do them where you have the ability to “fake it” and present the appearance of working and getting things done. This is next to impossible to pull off I’m a startup company. If this is your plan take it to a big company where you can hide in the back row and never move up. But in a startup you need to work hard. You can do this by training yourself to have a schedule in your day, make a routine and stick to it. Try to always push yourself. Plan to get up and kick ass. Your energy will show in your work. You will motivate your team as they continue to motivate you.

Startup’s can be a fun and exciting place to work for the long term if you take the job seriously. Staying motivated is the trick, use these few steps above to continue to kick ass each day at work.

Motivating a Team in a Startup

Today working for a startup can be very stressful but can also be very self rewarding at the end of the day. Startup’s seem to have more of a significant effect than working for a regular company as they are more stressful and more rewarding as well.

Things seem more dramatic and serious because the team is smaller and resources are lighter. However a win is 10 times more powerful and the success and sense of accomplishment goes far deeper as you hit these goals with a smaller team and primarily off everyones contributions and dedication to the project.

As a Founder , CEO or managerial figure of a startup you must motivate your team. It’s critical that you lead by example and that you never dictate orders constantly as a Boss, but as a leader. CEO of Brabble, Patrick Mackaronis says, “When trying to execute on any type of campaign within the company , I always try to have a hands on meeting out of the gate. I explain what the goal of the plan is and walk everybody through the process in my mind. I explain what I think everybody can do to co tribute and I show examples of what role I will play to support each of them. I do this with excitement and energy to uplift the team and get everyone thinking of ways to help. It shows everyone the direction we must go to win as a team”.

Being a “boss” is the wrong term in this day and age. “A Boss is “bossy”, a leader is part of the team”, said Patrick Mackaronis. The most beneficial thing that a member of a team or startup can take away from directions of their superior, is that the leader is on the same team with them. A leader is just as vested into the project as all team members are and that the leader cares about everyone having the support and tools necessary to help them achieve their individual goals which ultimately help the team win.

Motivation is key for startup’s. Energy and positivity must exist. A true leader will motivate their team unintentionally as they always will be working hard and giving off the appropriate positive energy that must exist to win. Always remember to be a an effective boss, you must be a team member and leader first.

Life working for a Tech Startup

Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about development, app updates, or technology bugs ? Are you aware of the local investment banks or hedge funds in your space? Do you read all of the current events, news, updates and blogs from industry leaders discussing multi billion dollar Acquisitions? If you answered yes to these questions, then congratulations, you are a part of the tech revolution. Whether you are a founder or working at a startup, you understand the pain and the glory of being part of the wonderful world of “tech.”

There are many amazing events that take place in being on a startup team. One of the greatest aspects of being a part of the startup world is that you are surrounded by people who are extremely talented. We believe that when we join together, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. Brilliance is celebrated and the average ways of the past are old news. The environment is exciting and fast paced and more ground than ever is covered each day by getting the team members working together and in sync. Each day is a new day to set goals and shatter through them.

At Brabble, Social Media Company as well as many other great startup companies, they believe in creating an environment that allows the most creative minds and talented individuals to move the needle and make the project grow. Great companies aren’t built by putting a bunch of people on a team who all grew up the same and who all have the same experience. Bringing people together from a variety of experience and points of view allows us to be bigger.

Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble CEO says “My time is normally spent focused on raising money, advancing the technology, building marketing plans and keeping the team motivated. I’m an enormous believer in team work. There can be unbelievable talent on team that has the ability to move mountains and make the company grow, but if these players do not work together and get in full communication and be in sync, then the project will suffer, team work is a must, motivating the team is a must.”

Technology is something that will always exist. Something that will always require fresh minds and new points of view. If you have passion, vision and a commitment to disrupt the norm that exists today, maybe it’s time that you joined the technology revolution and seek to join a startup team today.