Branding Tips for your Startup Company

Branding is tough. Getting it right the first time never really happens, it is more of a journey than a onetime event. Quality branding requires a substantial budget, and substantial input from a creative, passionate team.

Branding isn’t about a creating a logo, it’s about the company values and principles, and the ways that this is communicated to your audience. Branding will play a huge role when it comes to the way the business is perceived by a target audience, and when you step back, you really can’t afford for it to be an afterthought, your brand must resonate with the people viewing it.


Just like our time in education, the start of a business project should begin with thorough research. Research your target audience; who are they? Age range, gender, hobbies, jobs, salary, political or ethical opinions, where do they shop? Build a couple of audience profiles, complete with pictures – this often helps to build emotional connections to the target audience.

Knowing exactly who you are aiming to appeal to will mean that all of your branding efforts are focussed and consistent.

Next, look at the competitors; how are they performing? What are their prices – (you may need to get a little sly here and make some fake enquiries) How is there branding perceived? Taking the time to conduct market research and ask people within your target audience their opinions and feelings towards the business based on its brand is insightful.

Finding out how your competitors branding is perceived will give you direction for your own, making the process far more streamlined.

Don’t Do It Alone

When it comes to your business, you are the expert. You may have some strong concepts when it comes to the visual side, but don’t attempt to manage the whole process. Design and branding agencies have trained for years, hiring experts and have gained ever important experience and knowledge. Your time will be best spent creating a solid set of company values that will be lived and breathed by every part of the business. A good agency will be a great long term investment.

Learn To Let Go

You have to be bias at times. For obvious reasons, your business is always going to remain very close to your heart and the emotional ties you have to everything that relates to it will be strong. Learn to detach yourself from those emotions. When you are presented with ideas and concepts from your agency, don’t think as a business owner – think like your target audience. It’s vital that you place a degree of trust within the team at the agency and understand the reasons for the concepts being presented. The designs may not be to your personal tastes, but ask yourself would it appeal to your target audience and does it reflect your business?

Pay Close Attention to Your Website

There is nothing worse than reading or hearing great things about a brand to be greeted by a poorly designed website (yes, even in this day and age), a website that doesn’t work or for some unfathomable reason, no website at all. Why would you not have a website?

There are so many options when it comes to website creation, it is possible for someone with little knowledge of web design to create a functional, albeit basic website. However, it depends on the businesses values and target audience, what are their expectations? A well designed, functional website with well written, relevant content will provide a massive return on investment. Just make sure that you are given the back end logins from the developer and be sure to discuss the cost for ongoing maintenance.

Welcome All Feedback

If you want to know what your customers think of your business and your brand – you are going to have to ask them. Talk to them about their brand journey and experience with the business and the things that they believe could be improved.

You may not agree, but again – this honest, unbiased feedback is invaluable and should be taken on board, it will do wonders for increasing client engagement!

If we are honest, social media platforms mean that you are going to receive feedback whether you asked for it or not. You will find you experience both positive and negative comments on social media, and while you should amplify, share and respond to the positive – the negative needs attention too. Acknowledge the negative in public and of its legitimate resolve it in private, it’s all a learning curve.

Developing a branding strategy that calls upon creativity and expertise will mean you can build a brand that immediately evokes emotions, positive connotations – and ultimately sales. It’s always worth the investment because the most powerful brands always tap into emotion. Figure out the message first and build the rest from there

How the right team in your startup will make the difference

Today, in a rapidly growing industry of Startup’s popping up everywhere you look, everybody seemingly wants to be an entrepreneur. This is a good thing, small businesses everywhere are being created, the economy is growing, people are taking a shot at being their own boss and growing their product. But the success of your product and company 99% of the time does not solely revolve around only you. TEAM WORK will ultimately dictate your success.

Hands down, when looking at a business one of the most important factors to analyze is the Founder and what role they play within the business. This person , typically CEO, needs to be committed, they need to be passionate and they always must be a strong leader. However, almost as equally as important to this, the next most important factor is the team that is supporting the growth of the company. A strong team whether it is 2 people or 200 people, must exist to also be passionate, supportive, positive and hard working. A team that works together to reach goals, will always succeed.

There are often many occasions within companies that are detrimental to success. One of the most common occurrences is a negative environment, and unsupportive people being on the team with negative attitudes. Things like jealousy, anger and bad attitudes, can lead to laziness, negativity and poor effort. This will sink a ship. This is why its crucial for the leader of a company to select the team that is brought on board, this should be a very selective and thought out process before bringing people on board and paying them salaries. The right people around you will make you successful.

So how do you keep a team motivated? Even the best of companies, products and teams go through periods of lows. A true leader will motivate the team by being one of them. You must always be part of the team, you must lead by example, you have to work hard to get your team to work hard, you must be passionate, committed and put your employees first. You must care about your people and your team, you must coach them train them and help them. Even the highest caliber of employees need a boost and a pat on the back. Patrick Mackaronis, CEO Of Brabble, uses a simple and long standing tactic, an employee of the month program. Brabble has about 11 people in total in the company. WHat Patrick Mackaronis does is motivate each employee by recognizing one of them each month and announcing them as Employee of the Month via a newsletter company wide to the team, consultants, vendors and investor list. On top of that recognition , a caricature of the employee goes on the wall forever for that month and it stays there, and they also win a small bonus, gift card, lunch, dinner, etc. This is a simple trick, but it goes a very long way.

Pick the right team, and keep them motivated. Very powerful words today in the life of a startup company.

Why Brabble’s Audio Feature is so much fun…

Think about the apps that you use most on your phone each day. The majority of the people today utilize at least 3 social media apps of some kind. Some are for your videos, some are for text or tweets, and then some combine video and image together, or maybe you prefer posting images in a certain app specifically. Well the upcoming social app, Brabble has combined all of these features under one roof, but they also have taken it one step further… Brabble has added the ability to post and reply to posts with the audio feature. You can even add audio to an image post, or conversely add an image to an audio post.

Brabble has conducted significant amounts of research and development amongst masses of people in their target demographic of users ages 14-25. While their are many communities and loyal users that are much older and in different age demographics than brabble’s target demo, the mass targeting are seems to stay on average around 18 years old give or take. While in research and beta , Brabble asked these people in many test groups questions on what they would think would set them apart the most once they launched. The most common answer was that they felt people would really enjoy the ability to add audio clips to the images that they post. They also secondarily thought replying to posts with audio was very interactive and fun.

Brabble expanded on this feedback significantly. While their are some apps today that are based on audio posts, grabble has added this feature to be a compliment, as well as a significant part of the grabble back feature (replying to posts with audio, video, pic and text). Brabble completely sets itself apart by having all of these fun and interactive abilities. The roadmap of development for brabble is significantly going to enhance the audio abilities with many fun and interactive features, as well as enhancing the user experience and the creative vision of the application.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and technology enhancements for Brabble, Social Media App.

Why content marketing on social media is key to driving traffic

Today the marketing industry has dramatically evolved over the past 5 years and continues to do so as technology advances in social media. It seems that every quarter there is a new strategy or tool that the industry leaders unveil and seems to out due the previous trends.

Well today the first thing that is a given is you must be advertising your business via social networks. The statistics today are at an all time high. The average person today age 13 and up checks their cell phone to see their social apps about 17 times per day. The average social media user has between 3 and 6 social apps on their phone. The average Facebook user today has an average of 1487 friends on their page. This equals a lot of people around the world and tons of eyeballs viewing feeds and networks constantly.

There is no better advertising method today better than on social networks for one simple reason. People are out and about and their cell phones never leave their hands. Tv commercials and radio may still be effective but on a daily basis when you break down the minutes in a day, social media is going to get more views period. You must advertise on social media regardless of what business or product your trying to showcase.

So now hat we have outlined how valuable social media is for advertising the next factor is how do you stand out in an arena of people fighting to get the eyeballs on them? One word. Content. The content you create and post on your networks is what will I definitely win the views. There are literally billions of people in the world and millions of people competing in similar markets. You must be creative.

Images have become a thing of the past. While they may work on the first apps of their kind , it doesn’t really draw in the millennials to view more images. They are everywhere. Now there are obviously better pictures and more engaging photos than others. But the value of a stronger engaging post of different forms of media can indefinitely draw attention in your direction of you so choose.

For these reasons a new social media app called Brabble was made. Brabble Founder and CEO, Pat Mackaronis says ” we created Brabble for one reason, to let people post what they want at any time. Brabble lets you post videos, audio clips , pictures and text. We even let you add audio to images, so you really have the option to ramp up your content with Brabble” said Pat Mackaronis.

Content marketing is key to winning the eyeballs for your business. We suggest checking out Brabble one of the hottest new social apps that really lets you be as creative as possible. Check out brabble in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

By Patrick Mackaronis

What makes Brabble different from other social apps?

Today the average person is inundated with dozens of social apps to choose from. From posting Videos, Photos, Text, Blogs and everything in between, there are many apps to choose from and often most people have to download many apps in order to post the content that they want to share to their friends and communities. It becomes burdensome , timely and annoying in order for the average person out there to manage the apps they have on their phone.

Brabble was created in order to make life fun, simple, and easy with no limitations on how you communicate. In fact Brabble’s Tag Line is “Communicate with who you want, how you want”. Pat Mackaronis, Brabble CEO, says ” we came up with our tagline based on 2 reasons, Brabble lets you decide who sees your posts by having the choice to post to Friends, Followers, Privately or to the World, and secondly you have no limitations of communication methods on brabble, as we allow users the ability to post with Audio Clips, Videos, Pictures and Text.” “Brabble has no limitations, its completely up to the user how and when you communicate” Said Pat Mackaronis.

So Brabble literally has created a platform where the user is completely in control of how the interact with their social media communities. Depending on your mood or what is currently going on with your day, brabble gives you the tools to show your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a very interactive community. “One of brabble’s best features is our Brabble Back feature, this is a tool that is currently patent pending, it allows anyone to reply to a post with Audio, Video, Picture & text, this creates engaging conversations, discussions and debates underneath an original post”, Said Pat Mackaronis, Brabble CEO.

On Brabble the interaction is not solely about posting content like most other apps. Brabble expands into a much deeper form of communication where users can have discussions, debates, arguments, or just goof around in the form of Brabble Backs”. Brabble by definition means to argue, discuss or debate. Brabble creates a platform that is extremely interactive and imitate if you choose to utilize it that way. You are able to literally speak directly into the microphone and send audio messages to anybody you like, publicly or privately, you can reach out to a celebrity or artist who you idolize and maybe they actually speak back to you and a conversation ensues. Brabble can offer live conversations and discussions, live workouts, political debates, reviews on movies, food or travel. The possibilities are endless on brabble.

In a very crowded space like social media, the environment is fast paced and very high volume. Brabble simplifies it all for the users base and allows you to utilize your social media page, followers and community in the way you decide at that time. Brabble also has taken things a bit farther as they plan to offer a monetization tool (also patent pending) that will integrate with many social platforms as well, to be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for big plans at Brabble.

Why Brabble is getting attention from industry experts

Social Media today as we all know it is an industry that is constantly growing by the minute. Each day new apps are downloaded by the masses worldwide, some more engaging than others, but the constant interaction and desire for people to stay connected never ends.

Brabble, a new social media app that recently launched out of beta has attracted some of the industries top experts to join them on their management team. As quoted in a Yahoo Finance Article this past month, “Brabble has hired 2 industry rockstars as they launched out of beta.” But how is such a new and young mobile app company obtaining these experts and what is the reason that these people have joined this new company?

Brabble’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Kimler says, “When Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis , first reached out to me to discuss his marketing plan and roadmap for the company I had only heard whispers of the company before being an NYC resident and in business here for many years. Brabble seemed like a cool new app with some potential, but what drew me into the company to join as CMO, was the ways that Brabble is so unique and what sets them apart from the other apps out there today. Brabble is far more interactive than anything else we see today in the mobile space, and with the company focused on revenue as a primary driver of the business with some amazing patents pending, that’s when I knew Brabble was for real and that this was something I could really sink my teeth into and make the company grow,” Said Kimler.

Brabble also hired a new Chief Growth Officer, Brian D Evans. Brian joins Brabble as CGO after an extensive track record of success as an Inc 500 Entrepreneur. Brian has advised over 100 entrepreneurs and grown dozens of companies in the mobile app space. “Brabble is without a doubt a company that is poised for success, between the team that CEO, Pat Mackaronis has assembled, along with the magnificent technology that they possess, this is definitely a project that I am both confident and excited to be a big part of” Said Evans.

Brabble is new, innovative and ready to make major noise this year in the social media space. The app itself is more interactive than anything the exists in social today as they allow users to communicate with Audio, Video, Pictures and Text, while also having the ability to buy and sell goods and services directly off the app if they so choose. Brabble allows users to select who they want to view their posts, Friends, Followers, Privately or The World. If your friends on Brabble you are able to send private Brabble’s to one another as well. Brabble pretty much has it all figured out and with the team on board they expect some very big and exciting things for the future ahead.

Download Brabble in the Apple & Google Play Stores today, and look forward to many creative updates and enhancements as we move along this summer with our unbelievable team and roadmap. CEO Pat Mackaronis says, “This Fall we are planning for a Global Marketing Launch to the world as we solidify an additional 3.5 Million Dollars of Institutional Funding. The road ahead is very bright for Brabble.”

By Pat Mackaronis

Why social media is good for us

We all love social media today. Whether you like to admit it or not, it’s true. Things like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have ingrained themselves in society because they make our lives better. Sure, not everything about them are great, but these are some fun reasons why social media actually makes life better. If used properly social media will help your life in countless ways.

No matter how bad your day has been, there is always something on social media that can make you smile and put everything in perspective. Whether pictures of your friends and their families do the trick or it’s a good joke that makes you smile, there is something to make everyone feel better. Following the appropriate people will always help you get your mood in the right spirit based on your interests.

I know, most “conversations” on social media are worthless at best, but if you look deep enough you will find those who are having thoughtful, in-depth discussions on the issues of our world. You can utilize social media as a platform to help you expand , learn and research anything you are looking for.

Sometimes you just want to unwind and have a little fun. Social Media has been full of fun, addictive games for years now. Every time you look another one is coming out. They’re a ton of fun, and who doesn’t like fun? It all depends on how much time your ready to dedicate to this each day because they can and will get addictive. CEO of newly launched social media app Brabble, Pat Mackaronis says, “all social platforms must be fun, this is why we ‘Gamified’ Brabble when we made it, we want all of our users to constantly be having fun.”

Many small business owners have found social media to be a great, inexpensive way to grow their business. Word of mouth is a powerful thing for businesses both small and large, and there is no bigger collective mouth than social media. In my opinion every business must utilize social media.

Everyone coming out of college today knows how important social media can be to your career. It is a great way to network and find new opportunities. It is also a place for companies to learn more about prospective candidates. Used properly, this can be a great way to find a new job. LinkedIn is a prime tool for social networking in the career industry.

Twitter supposedly got its big break when the plane landed on the Hudson River and someone tweeted about it before the mainstream media was aware of what was going on. That may or may not be what actually happened, but I’m sure I heard the story somewhere on social media so it must be true.

You can use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with deals from places you like to shop. A good coupon or sale can make your day, and social media is chock-full of them. Many apps today have selling platforms, a new App called Brabble has a patented revenue model called Star Tags that lets you buy and sell goods and services right off the app.

Just try explaining what it was like to keep in touch with friends and family before social media to someone under the age of 20. I can remember when a handwritten letter with a few bad pictures was all you got from relatives that didn’t live close by. Now, you can instantly know what they are doing and keep in touch with them. This can go both ways, because social media will let all your posts viewable to your followers so be careful what you wish for! The newer social apps today like Brabble, also allow you to choose who can see your posts, friends, followers, privately or to the world for all to view.

By Patrick Mackaronis

The most important factors to a successful startup company

There are many factors today that impact the success and potential of a startup company. Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis says, ” The factors that contribute to the success of the company are what you must focus on everyday. Identify these and support them with all your focus, and you will be successful.”

1. Team. Without the correct team from Management all the way down to the lowest entry level job on the corporate ladder, the company is only as strong as its weakest link. You must work as a team to make progress.

2. Funding. Whether your company is revenue generating or pre-revenue you must have ample funding in order to hit your goals and stay afloat.

3. Business Plan. You must be able to adhere to an organized business plan that makes sense and is realistic to the environment around you.

4. Product. Your product must make a difference. It must stand out. It must be sellable.

5. Vision. A company with the wrong corporate vision is like leading the bling. Make sure you have experienced people guiding you through the rough times and advising you through the good ones as well.

Why college students prefer to work in the startup industry

Today the startup industry has become more relevant than ever. Where years ago it was the norm to go to school, get your degree, graduate and begin wearing a suit and working a 9-5 for a corporate gig, today a large percentage of college students want to work for startup’s when they graduate. Why is this?

Well the first reason is today in 2016, with technology at the forefront of nearly everybody’s day, college students are inspired about being a part of something that they get, something they use, something that can make a difference. With a technology being so easy to follow different industries, influencers and thought leaders, almost everyone is exposed to the life of a startup community.

The dress code is relaxed , the environment is friendly and most of the time the business is based around something that people in their 20s understand more than the older demographic. College students today want to be able to contribute to their job after college and not feel like they are a needle in a haystack working at an enormous company where it may take 20 years to work your way up and become noticed. While startup’s usually have some of the hardest workers in the workforce, it’s an environment and culture that is changing the way college students think about their future and career path.

Social Media Company, Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis says ” At Brabble I try to create an environment for my team that is laid back, yet focused on teamwork and results. I want my team coming to work loving their job, as long as we are working together and hitting goals everybody wins as a team. ”

Today with headlines all over the Internet and social media it’s hard not to get inspired by such amazing companies that are going public and getting acquired lead by the youth of society today. “From Instagram, to Whatsapp going for sale prices in the billions, and companies like Facebook and Linkedin with monstrous multi billion dollar valuations , I would say this should motivate just about every college student out there today to want to be part of a startup company”, Said Pat Mackaronis.

5 tips on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Starting a business is a lot of work. Anyone who tells you it’s not is either lying or has never actually started one themselves. The hours are long, sacrifices are great and you are assaulted with new problems and challenges every day with seemingly no end.  If you don’t have the constitution to weather these things, your business could implode on you faster than it started. You have to marry your business. The below are 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

1. Strong leadership qualities

Leaders are naturally born as leaders. A leader is someone who values the goal over any unpleasantness the work it takes to get there may bring. But a leader is more than just tenacious. A leader has strong communication skills and the ability to bring a team together in order to reach a goal.

2. Highly self-motivated

Nobody makes progress by sitting back and waiting for it to find them. Successful people go out into the world and create. Typically, leaders enjoy challenges and will work tirelessly to solve problems that confront them. They adapt well to changing situations without unraveling. They constantly motivate their team.

3. Strong sense of basic ethics and integrity

Successful people maintain the highest standards of integrity because, at the end of the day, if you cannot prove yourself a credible business person and nobody will do business with you, you are out of business.

4. Competitive spirit

Entrepreneurs like to win. In business it’s a constant war with competition to win business and grow market share. It’s also a personal challenge to use all of this to focus inward and grow a business from nothing into a powerhouse that either makes a lot of money or is so effective that it is sold or acquired for a profit as well.

5. Understand the value of a strong peer network

In almost every case, entrepreneurs never get to success alone. The best understand it takes a network of contacts, business partners, financial partners, peers and resources to succeed. Effective people nurture these relationships and surround themselves with people who can help make them more effective. Any good leader is only as good as those who support him. Always nurture your relationships.